Revamp, Restyle, Reveal...

If you’ve joined me from the gorgeous Malcolm Beggs blog, then thanks Malcolm and a big HI to you! Here’s all the gory details of my very own Revamp Restyle Reveal...

Excited doesn't come close to describe how I felt when I was asked to take part in season 3 of Revamp Restyle Reveal. Lisa Dawson and Bianca Hall's brainchild has gone from strength to strength and I have loved watching in anticipation to see how the other bloggers and designers from season 3 have transformed their spaces in such limited timescales, utilising the generous sponsors gifts all whilst putting their own individual stamp on things.

( AD: This post contains links and mentions of products and brands who have all sponsored this project)

As an RRR virgin, I thought I would choose the easy route and give my master bedroom a makeover... I joke when I say this... this room needed everything doing to it, a new en suite, wardrobes, even windows all whilst juggling a new born baby. There were times in this 4 weeks gone by that I thought I must have needed my head checked but now its over and the dust has settled (almost!) I'm so proud of all we have achieved and created with the help of the sponsors, its the biggest transformation in my home to date and we all love how it is going to improve our lives as well as my eyesight. So here we go, I present to you my new master suite...



So why on earth did I choose my bedroom/en-suite I hear you ask... well since we moved in 9 months ago I have repainted most of the other rooms in the house as a quick fix I till we start knocking down walls and to be fair, they don’t look too bad, for now anyway. But, our bedroom, it’s a newer extension on top of the garage so it has basically a similar dimension as a single garage... just long, thin and characterless. It had an en-suite attached which was awkwardly shut off by the worlds worst wardrobe. It was a wardrobe come door concoction where you had to slide a mirrored door across the opening if you needed any privacy, which to be fair, don't think that it’s the worst idea ever but in reality it just didn’t work. For one, it was awkward and noisy when pulling the sliding doors across, secondly there was only about a 10th of the storage space two self respecting adults need in reality. I was using this as my wardrobe and my fiancé’s vast collection was in my daughters bedroom meaning he would have to get dressed in there every morning which he hated. It just wasn’t working for us. The en-suite was generally bland but fairly inoffensive apart from the unsightly electric shower which was beyond useless and in 9 months of living in the house I think we’d used it twice, both times felt like a punishment let me tell you! So each time we washed we had to have a bath, which, as lovely as a bath may be, it’s not practical when you have a busy household- far better to jump in and out of a shower not to mention more environmentally friendly. We also struggled with storage in there for toiletries so everything was everywhere all the time which drove me insane.

The bedroom itself was in need of some character and flow. It just felt like a ‘room’ if that makes any sense? there were no redeeming features, just two very large windows engulfing the room and taking up valuable wall space, trapping the bed in one position only. Personally I like to have the headboard in front of you as soon as you walk into a bedroom for maximum impact. Beds are beautiful objects and should be the centre of focus but in ours we had the bed backing onto the wall with the door on so all you saw was the foot of the bed and a blank wall- not exactly ideal! The flooring was also a real crime against design for me. It was a cheap walnut effect laminate which bounced as you walked on it. It felt cold and the colour wasn’t to my taste so that had to go. The window to the side of the room took up a lot of wall space and had a radiator beneath which had seen better days. my plan was to rework this area completely in order to make room for wardrobe's we so desperately needed.

The furniture I had in the room was generally cheap and broken, we had rented for many years and moved 3 times in 4 years so things were looking very tatty. The only pieces I still loved were my side tables which were an anniversary present (chosen by myself, obvs.) so they were definitely staying. The curtains were my sons old curtains, and just did the job of keeping light out and not much else. The chandeliers were inherited from the previous owner and apart from being very old fashioned, were completely wrong for the space. They hung too low and were too bright for a bedroom- plus over head lighting is never flattering whilst chilling, getting ready in there or putting on makeup, they never threw the light in the right direction. Other than that- the walls were damaged and it had a picture rail that were the wrong era for the house, cut the ceiling height up and made it feel like it had a low ceiling even though it’s 100mm higher than your average ceiling... I could go on and on! See below for the before photos. {Disclaimer} those of a nervous disposition may want to look away now.


The After...

Here she is in all her glory, my new bestie, the love of my interior design life... My Master Suite...


The details...

So, what do you think? bit of a change right? It took 4 weeks, 3 floods, 2 electrical faults, heating breaking down, 6 tradesmen and a heap load of mess to get here but TOTALLY worth it. There is so much to talk about here so I'm going to make it easy and break it down for you guys and for myself so I don't forget any of the details or products gifted by our generous sponsors listed below.


The En Suite...

Bathrooms are one of my favourite rooms to design as they have to be well thought out, well planned, practical, stylish and design wise, long lasting as no one wants to be ripping out their bathroom suite very time trends change. My en-suite had to be all of the above but also feel like it had a place in the room, not to stick out like a sore thumb but to have warmth, style and purpose.

In an ideal world I would have removed the en-suite from this room all together and replaced with a walk in wardrobe space, but being the serial movers that we are, I knew that removing a bathroom can damage the value of the property by quite a bit so I had to think of a way of retaining the en-suite whilst freeing up space for storage. I thought about how I would connect the two ends of the room so not to feel out of place or too obtrusive in a fairly confined area. I decided the best thing to do was to remove the stud wall/wardrobe weirdness and bath completely and have this as a walk through shower room only. Once we removed the wardrobe and bath this freed up 2600mm of wall space for wardrobes... (This still wasn’t quite enough but I’ll get to that part later..) Once the layout was reworked I then went on to selecting the all important finishes.

Ca’ Pietra, one of our incredible sponsors, was my starting point for the mood of this compact en suite. I love gathering materials and seeing how one can play off against another so they kindly sent me some samples to take a look at. I was instantly drawn to this chocolatey, rich black Pantheon Marble tile. The veining was like looking into a spectacular galaxy far far away with a flurry of shades and tones weaving its way through the velvety soft honed stone.

I then mixed things up by pairing with the Avebury Ceramic tiles in the Parchment colour option. This tile when vertically stacked brings an instant playfulness and youth to the design, especially once I’d put this with Matt black taps, shower head and enclosure from the incredible Soak.

I was able to squeeze in a slightly larger shower enclosure and tray once I mounted the new nickel towel rail up higher, boxed the concealed cistern and selected the Lyon wall hung ceramic toilet bowl. Visually the wall hung toilet allows the eye to move around the area underneath the bowl making this feel much lighter and bigger than if there were still a floor mounted toilet. The same goes for the Denver Gloss White Vanity Unit and Colette Counter Top Basin from, this was also wall hung and as you can see in the images below, let’s the eye see all that valuable floor space.

Lighting was a super important factor in this area. It needed to be multifaceted and easy to change from functionally bright to soft and calming with a push of a button (dimmer switch). Overhead I design strategically placed surface mounted downlights which flood the area with light whilst showering and dressing. For mood lighting David Hunt’s stunning Naval Wall Light did the trick. This is an exterior light with an IP rating so perfect for bathrooms. When placed on a dimmer is gives a beautifully soft warm glow, highlighting the different finishes of the tiles.

To complete this area of the room I incorporated the same window treatments as the bedroom in order to keep continuity and flow. The sunscreen blinds in ivory from The Blind Shop are beyond perfect. They are waterproof, temperature regulating, breathable and most importantly mask the ugly windows that we cannot afford to replace. To frame the basin and vanity I then added in the curtains I made with a linen/viscose mix fabric called ‘Plains One’ in 'Jasmine' by Scion from The Style Library.

Finally, West Elm kindly supplied the most gorgeous Organic Marble Sculpted Towels, Distressed Bath Mat and divine smelling hand soap and lotion in Teakwood by Lightwell Co. I feel like I’m showering in a spa, which trust me, after all this dusty work, I feel like a really need!


The Walk In Wardrobes...

Wardrobe space has been a constant battle since we moved in, clothes were literally overflowing from every available space...even the washing basket was being used as a makeshift wardrobe! Although this is a good sized four bedroom house, there is zero built in storage and honestly not much opportunity to even add any. When we first moved in, my husband and I were planning on converting the smallest bedroom into a dressing room but life had other plans... a few weeks after drawing up the design I found out I was pregnant with our third child...meaning our wardrobe is now a nursery and we will have to wait 18 years or more before that ever becomes the dressing room of dreams, so I had to get my design head back on and rework the floor plan of our bedroom and squeeze in as much storage as I possibly could. I’ve already mentioned above that we decide to do away with the bath and the original sliding door/wardrobe/wall disaster, giving us a 2600mm run of wall for wardrobes. Unfortunately this was still only scratching the surface of the space we needed so as a drastic measure I decided to partially lose the large window to the side of our bedroom and replace with a narrow, long (600mm x 2100mm) window instead- this finally gave us the run of walk we desperately required.

Before the window could be replaced we had to relocate the radiator to the other side. The old radiator had seen better days so thankfully Soak came to the rescue with this super stylish traditional column radiator in an off white. Radiators are usually something that people try to hide but I actually love this and feel that it brings a really cool texture to that end of the room.

I couldn’t wait to get this window in, I had the vision in my head and knew it would instantly transform the room... but... in a 4 week timeframe this proved almost impossible. The work was supposed to happen in the 2nd week of the challenge but instead happened on the Monday a week before our reveal- arggghhh!! This meant that flooring, wardrobes, painting, curtains, rug, lighting and furniture couldn’t go in until after this was completed. Those weeks soon went by and finally we got the window in, it looks fantastic and luckily I got my measurements right for the flat pack wardrobes to go in- phew!

Now we have 3 large wardrobes and open shelves - perfect storage for shoes, bags and my new towels.

Another clever storage item I am so pleased to have is the matte black towel ladder from Soak. I intend on using this for a number of things. It looks gorgeous styled with magazines, books, scarves and ties as well as the more obvious-towels and throws! I have placed this right by the entry to the room to bring in the matte black that features in the en suite and across the wardrobe handles.


The Bedroom...

We have moved a serious amount of times... in the 9 years I have been with my husband, we have lived in 8 different houses across 3 countries, each time taking all our worldly belongings with us in removal vans. Things have got completely battered, especially our beds. Screws have been lost, slats have been broken, bad backs have been the result. So top of my list for this room makeover was a beautiful new bed and mattress.

When I heard that West Elm were the headline sponsors I knew exactly which bed I would go for. I’ve had my eye on this fir a while now, the Thea Wing Bed is just off the charts, a real showstopper. It cleverly combines 2 fabrics in contrasting textures. A soft luxurious velvet wraps itself around a heavy grey weave. It’s luxurious, curvaceous and timeless.

Now the bed was sorted I focused on the energy I wanted to give the space. With running my own busy interior design studio and having 3 children to take care of, I crave any chance as serenity and relaxation so I wanted to choose a tone on the walls that would be super calming. After going through a few sample points of paint I selected ‘Warm White’ matte emulsion and acrylic eggshell by Zoffany from Style library. This is a subtle neutral greige shade with zero undertones-always a relief as most greiges take on different tones throughout the day and ever changing light. I think I’ve found my new favourite paint!

From the paint on the walls I added in the flooring. I wanted to have oak parquet in the wardrobe and en-suite but in the sleep area, wanted to have something comforting so went for the Shale Straitions rug from West Elm. I went for the largest size to fill the floor discs and spookily enough, it fits exactly to the dimensions of the floor... it must have been fate!

Another piece of much needed furniture for the bedroom was a chair to do my hair and makeup in. I’ve had occasional chairs before and to be honest, they end up as a clothes horse rather than something I sit on, so this time I went for this incredible RBM Noor Stool from Flokk. I have scoliosis so always prefer to perch where I can to help my posture so this is beyond perfect and so incredibly stylish too. I love the Flokk brand, each chair design in their range is fully customisable so the possibilities are endless and there’s something to suit any scheme. I, shock horror, went for white on white on white, I LOVE IT. If you click on the link above you can see all the different options in this style plus view the other designs they have, its also sustainably sound, made from fully recycled and recyclable materials. The quality is second to none and it’s so comfortable, one downside is that my kids won’t leave it alone!

Lighting in the bedroom end, again, was so important to me and I put in lots of thought as to what would be the best options for us to create the ambiance I was after. This time I wanted the down lights to highlight the artwork on the walls and the rest of the lights to be super warm and at face height. Directly overhead lighting in a bedroom is actually not essential, it’s more about setting the mood with your pendants/wall lights and then having some gorgeous bedside table lamps for reading. For my pendant and wall lights I decided on a simplistic but understatedly chic design from David Hunt named the ‘Adling’ in antique brass. I added in the wall lights to match. These both come in a variety of finishes and another option of a cluster design. They are SO impressive and the quality is pure perfection. I have these on a dimmer so they create the perfect ambiance to suit my mood.

For my side table lamps I wanted to keep things quite masculine. Previously I had two oversized Hollywood regency style lamps and I just found them a bit OTT, not to mention they took up most of the room on my bedside tables! West Elm sent me some from there new range- The Powell LED Table Lamp is a sculptural design in black metal which casts the prettiest halo of light. Another bonus is that these are integrated with their own energy efficient LED lights- so no having to change the bulb yourself- perfect!

One thing that lacked in my old bedroom was any soft accessories. Because I always hated my bed, I didn’t bother to dress it up so now things are changing! Firstly my new Tencel duvet cover and pillows are the most luxurious sheets I’ve ever had the pleasure of sleeping in. They have a silk like feel but a good weight to them, the sheets drape elegantly on the bed with ease and are cool to the touch. I am actually loving them so much that I just bought a second set!

To compliment my new bedding I made 2 different options for dressing. The first was a flat sheet with the Veda velvet in oyster by Anthology and the second option was a very special throw consisting of Oyster Boho Velvets and a houndstooth weaved named ‘Luynes’ Silver both by Sanderson and all generously gifted by Style Library.

West elm also provided me with a few unusual cushions to style the bed with. The Ink Wash Cushion cover reflects the natural pattern in the side tables and marble in the en-suite whilst the 2 round velvet are super luxe and playful. I also decided to make a few cushions for the room. I love making cushions especially when the fabric is as stunning as the black Taormina Velvet by Sanderson from Style Library. I also designed and made a 2 tone cushion set with Caramel Icaria velvet by Sanderson and a cool felt like wool called Plains Ten in shade ‘snow’ by Scion all kindly gifted by style library.

The curtains in the bedroom are the same as the bathroom above- Plains One- Jasmine by scion but this time I’ve added in the most understated ombré linen mix panels to throw more texture and colour in. This is called the Harper in Pebble and sews beautifully- thanks so my beautiful Style Library!


The Technology...

No self respecting master suite would be complete without some super cool gadgets now would it?

Firstly the generous people at Sonos gifted us all a Sonos One speaker. If you aren’t familiar with how Sonos works (I wasn’t!) then it’s a speaker that also links up with amazon Alexa and is controlled by voice demands or an app on your phone. You can ask Alexa to skip a track, tell you the weather forecast or even a recipe for your favourite meal. It’s SO clever and also doesn’t skip on the aesthetics or acoustics either. It’s my new favourite toy!

Last but not least is my life saver throughout the whole renovation. The guys from AO gave me a Dyson Hot and Cool Air Purifying Fan. This literally saved us when our boiler stopped working for a week. Then again when we painted and we wanted to get rid of the paint smell. It comes with a remote so you can control it several metres away. It also turns 350 degrees meaning it can blast out air in every corner of the room. I can’t wait to use the cool fab function in the summer time as our room has been like a greenhouse in the past. Once again Dyson have triumphed and I would not hesitate to buy another.

So, that’s it! If you’ve made it to then end of this blog post please do tell me what you think of my Revamp Restyle Reveal efforts! Also if you have any questions regarding any of the products just drop me a comment below, I am happy to sing their praise. All of the sponsors have been so generous and definitely made me feel so incredibly lucky. you can find them all here:

Thank you to Lisa Dawson and Bianca Hall, as well as the other bloggers, they’ve all been such fun and so supportive throughout the last four weeks. I wish I had them on every renovation!

Now, that’s quite enough of me- you have to go and check out my spirit animal, Kat Williams, (Rock n Roll Bride) room reveal... it’s going to blow your mind!

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